Bio Microneedling

Bio Microneedling infuses the epidermis with a custom chosen skin cocktail made just for you!

This is done through massaging Spicules into the skin. Spicules are an extremely popular K-beauty treatment that are derived from many different sources such as; coral calcium, sea sponges, hydrolyzed sponges and my personal favorite crystallized hyaluronic acid.

These tiny needle-like substances behave similarly to traditional micro-needling; acting as a delivery system to infuse actives deep into the epidermis and attack damaged skin cells to regenerate new healthier cells. The best part? No needles. 

They feel exactly how they sound – spikey. Some clients compare it to the prickly sensation of fiber glass, some say it feels like a regular facial scrub. The level of sensation will depend on your skin’s sensitivity and desired results – that’s why we have three different levels that your Aesthetician will chose for you after your skin analysis. 

Some Spicule treatments can be done as often as once a week in place of exfoliating acids to renew the skin. And others are performed once a month for correction or once a season for maintenance.  

So who can use them?

Just about anyone! Spicules have even been ruled safe for pregnant or breast feeding mothers! 

My favorite thing about these treatments is they are color blind. Meaning all Fitzpatrick levels can safely use spicules without worrying about post inflammatory hyperpigmentation commonly found with acid treatments in darker complexions.

This treatment essentially reinstates homeostasis in the skin to retrain and reveal texture free, breakout free, balanced, even toned skin after just one treatment!

We recommend for best results to do a series of 4-6 spaced 2-4 weeks apart depending on your level of concerns and desired outcome.